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What do we do?How do we do it?Why I need you?Why not do it myself?Isn't design expensive?Why use you?

We provide tailored services according to your needs and to flexible budgets.

We would talk to you about what you are hoping to achieve, the extent of renovation work allowed and discuss how that could be done. We would then come back with suitable schemes and samples of materials, colors and objects, discuss these with you and how they could be implemented.

Only after agreement with you would we ‘sign off’ the scheme and start the project. At this point we are able to assist you in running the project. We would bring in subcontractors to undertake specialized tasks, source materials, help with the installation of furniture and fittings or perhaps just do some painting. The choice is entirely yours.

You may decide that you would like to build and renovate yourself according to what we have specified.  This is fine as well. Above all we like to have a flexible approach.